Insulation services

JSC "JSB maritime" is a company with a professional staff to carry out  of big team, which works to assist all kind of insulation, ventilation installation, as well as  panel installation on the ship yards, oil and gas industry, refineries. Our large experienced team of staff, lots of time working in the Scandinavian countries, have all the necessary certificates, excellent knowledge of English, Norwegian languages allows to carry out the work safely, productively, and in a timely manner with the best quality. Our employers can do a lot of kind of work, such as:

-  Sound insulation;

-  Cold insulation;

-  Thermal insulation;

-  Fire insulation;

- Surface treatment;

- Building insulation;

-Insulation of ventilation;

The main important values of our company are:

-  Focus on the customer;

-  Further partnership with old customers;

- High priority to health, environment and safety;

- High quality.

Our company cooperate flexible partnership with the customers and always finds the most attractive price for them. Customers are always happy with the contract price and work quality.  We hope that our competence, responsibility and flexibility in partnership are interested in you and further cooperation possible.